High-quality Construction, Maintenance

About HeliService Powerline Solutions

HeliService offers professional and high-quality construction services with a proven track record of safety and performance, utilizing aerial skills for a variety of utility and contractor clients.

Pioneers in the Industry

36 years of experience in the business coupled with ambition for safety and excellence has allowed HeliService to become innovators in their field. We have successfully introduced new or modified methods to perform the services we offer.


HeliService Powerline Solutions provides top-notch construction, maintenance, inspection, and emergency services to utility, energy, and contractor clients. We have been serving the state of Florida and the surrounding areas for over 36 years and we have done so with distinction. We have an impeccable safety record.

We specialize in providing aerial support for power line construction and are one of the pioneers in the industry. Our vast experience in the field makes us your ideal construction and maintenance partner. At HeliService Powerline Solutions, we place a great emphasis on safety. This is the first consideration whenever we get to work on any client project.

Over the years, we have provided excellent services to various clients, from businesses operating in film work and search & rescue, to the energy sector. We take pride in our expertise and vast experience. Years of effort and hard work from the HeliService Powerline Solutions team are the reasons why we are where we are today. This combination of key skills, extensive knowledge and experience is something that sets us well apart from other players in the market.